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Puppy Questionnaire
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Your Name(s) (Required):
Address (Required):
Email Address (Required):
Phone Number (Required):
How did you find us? (Referral from another Breeder, friend, advertisement, etc)
References (Include name, address, phone & email - 4 Required)
Who is your current Vet? (Include name, address & phone)
Have you ever euthanized an animal? If so please explain the circumstances
Have you ever surrendered an animal to the pound, SPCA, Rescue org. or returned one to it's breeder? If so, please explain the circumstances
Will you be willing to keep in touch with the breeder throughout your dog's life?
If you have children, how much involvement will they have with the raising, care and training of this dog and in what manner will they be involved?
How many hours per day will your puppy be home alone?
Where will your puppy stay when s/he is alone in the house?
What arrangements have you made to let the puppy out during the day, if you are at work?
When you travel what will you do with your dog? Will s/he go with you, stay with family or friends or go to a boarding kennel?
Type of Fencing:
If you do not have any kind of fencing, how will you provide security for your puppy when it’s outside or when you're away?
Are there other pets in your home?
If there are other pets in the home what pets do you have and how do you intend to give this puppy all of the training and attention that it deserves and will definitely require?
Why have you chosen the Boxer as the breed for you and what characteristics of this breed do you like?
Are you aware that even though Boxers have short hair, they do shed, sometimes profusely?
Are you aware that Boxers cannot tolerate extremely hot or cold weather?
Are you aware that Boxers require lots of attention?
Are you aware that Boxers have a very high energy level?
In order of importance what are the top three qualities or characteristics you would like in your puppy and why do you like these particular qualities or characteristics?
If other please specify
What sex do you prefer?
Please explain your reasons
Are you willing to take the other sex if your choice is not available and if not why not?
Please explain your reasons
What color do you prefer?
If your preference is not available would you be willing to take another color?
Do you intend to spay or neuter this animal?
Please explain your reasons
Are you willing to follow a minimal or no vaccination schedule as outlined by the breeder?
Please explain your reasons
What types of things will you do to socialize your puppy and get him/her used to other people, dogs, noises, etc?
What activities are you interested in doing with your dog and why do they interest you?
Your puppy will come to you partly crate trained and house trained. When the puppy messes in your home how will you discipline him/her?
Do you plan on attending Obedience classes with your puppy?
How will you reinforce any positive behaviour?
How will you discourage behaviour such as jumping up, whining, excessive barking, growling at people, chewing, digging, etc?
Please indicate What best describes why you are purchasing this dog?
When are you looking to purchase a dog/puppy?
Please indicate which qualities you would like in your dog.
Please use this space to add any additional comments about yourself or to ask any questions.

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